Wednesday, 7 December 2016

To the City of Life !!

Going back the years (hundreds of years ago), the evidences of the lives of the pre-historic man tell us, how united they lived as a community, not giving a damn to the ethnicity, the caste, the religion, the race, rather the class. Only when the man evolved, have these evil differences evolved along. We have evolved so much, that the Law makers of India sensed the future and deliberately made special provisions for the socially and economically backward classes (ashamed to use the words though!), knowing what we might do to them. Throughout the decades, the nature kept reminding us the purpose of our lives; the purpose of creation of humankind; when we kept forgetting and acted like we were here to own the Universe. One such hard slap was the Chennai Floods (Of course of the neighbourhood districts too) last December, that went one step ahead and seemed to bring out to the world, what humanity really is and what it meant..! The visuals of such a humongous city, having fallen victim to the wrath of Mother Nature were distressing. The scenes of the city being made into an Island by the hungry waters weren't very pleasing. Well, when so much have been spoken on the reasons behind it, the point to be noted is 'Human greed has always been a disaster by(to) itself'. When over-exploitation of nature happens, Nature comes back with stronger answers, those we can never stand against. All through the mishap, the lesson we got to learn is the real meaning of Humanity; the purpose of our lives - to aid others and to live in peace. There were several instances where one could see how nature held up it's reality checks on us. A Hindu couple naming their child after a Muslim mother, for the latter helped them deliver the baby girl; A Muslim couple doing the same with a Hindu name to their son; The bunches of Youth volunteers surging into the waters to rescue the citizens; The Indian Army, needless to say, doing it's duties; Fellow brothers of the other districts, of neighbouring states too, sending in trucks and trucks loaded with relief packages, be it food, medicine, clothing; The abandoned citizens helping amongst themselves, battling the fears, united; And so on.  There never was a single incident, where people were abandoned on the grounds of religion or caste, all throughout. That said, people were motivated amidst themselves, to stand integrated and fight the horror together. When solidarity at such a moment could help them sail across the waters, to the land of an unknown tomorrow, one must think of the wonders it could do, if people are united altogether..! It wouldn't be a rhetoric if I wrote 'History repeated itself', since no better phrase can summarise the whole plot so beautifully. The disaster that claimed several lives, also brought back into the people, the responsibility of being together, living for others and spreading peace.The stereotype of the evolved mankind was broken heavily and the traces of the pre-historic humankind (The proud ancestors) bloomed once again. The nature succeeded in its mission, setting an example to the world, with a city in the Southern tip of the Indian Sub-continent. Chennai and it's brave people stood tall, waving at the world, the success story of the struggle they faced together, for a better tomorrow, for a better world. This said, I complete the article with a warmth in the heart, for I couldn't have had a better 'Second post' on my blog, than this tribute to the City of Life, that I admire, on the week of commemoration of the calamity.

Hail Chennai !  Hail Tamil Nadu !  Jai Hind !