Wednesday, 1 July 2015

An ode to a father !!

               Since the time ‘Amma endrazhaikadha uyirillaye’ hit the audience and thronged the million hearts , I have been wondering why the Appas of our society don’t get noticed by the lyricists’s ink. Very few (countable of course) songs have been penned on the Men who give up almost everything for the sake of their family. When such is the plight of fathers in only the case of Tamil cinema, think of people’s minds?  When both father and mother strive hard to build up the family, why should only the Ammas be given so much of importance! Now having read this sentence I can hear your mindvoice asking me “Dafuq you got against Mothers?” Well to be honest I’m an ‘Amma pulla’ too. Being a male myself, I have had the privilege of being close only to my mom, since my dad has always kept himself busy with the temper he was gifted by his colleagues, even at home and has never cared to put a smile at us even when he knew we expected only that from him. Having mentioned about this I got to promise that I don’t have anything against my father. Though I couldn’t take it in my childhood, I now have attained the enough maturity to understand its common at work and that we have to adjust and give him his space. Though he has been reluctant in serving happiness through his grins and smiles, he has never failed to deliver anything that we wished for. I keep mentioning ‘we’ since I just remembered to include my younger sister into the story. Coming back, I always think the best part in being a father is providing whatever your children ask for. I’ve always heard my dad say “Kanna! remember we get nothing out of ease. If I need to get you a bag for your school, I’ll need to sacrifice my one day’s lunch.” He keeps telling me how he managed to get me things I asked for and that’s how I learnt how to balance money. He kept sacrificing his food so that we get a good education. He put me in the best school so that I score a lot in my XII and even when I failed to score much, all I heard from him is this “Kanna! An Elephant doesn’t know its strength unless being reminded of. You are one. Your board exam marks don’t judge whom you are. Work hard. You’ll taste the fruit soon.”  That’s my dad. He keeps energizing me even while I kept letting him and his dreams down. A mom can give you unconditional love and affection but the moral and physical strength has to come from a father. However, I do agree women are no different from men. Mothers are no different from Fathers. But I personally have seen how a child (brought up by moms alone) will be when he/she lacks a father’s  guidance. When the society gives so much of importance to moms, I tell you dads are no different. They work all day long, sometimes at nights, give up their wishes, try hard to fulfil your’s , face tough days at work, yet don’t hesitate to take you to movies when you ask for, try hard to increase the digit size of the savings account, purchases only one set of dress for Diwali so that you can have more from that money. A dad’s  sacrifices can never be listed, can never be counted. All that they do, go unnoticed and unpaid. I remember a famous quote I came across somewhere on a Facebook page. It says “ Money can’t buy you happiness.” How can one go by this quote when even a single penny from dad’s pocket that was spent on buying a pack of Tic-Tac or Gems gave us so much of happiness ?!! Money definitely can buy us happiness. Especially those from our dad’s pockets. Finally is this all that we can give in return for a man who watches his hair colour go white for the sake of building us a career? When so many odes (including Dhanush’s Amma Amma) are being penned for mothers in the recent times, I , who is not a Madhan Karky to pen down a beautiful lyric, thought of writing this tiny article for praising the fathers to bring out the love we have for our own, with a hope that I will be able to find a smile in my father’s face when I make him read this once he comes home for lunch from another tough time at office, thanks to his lovable colleagues.